Entertainment facilities can benefit from C-PACE financing for efficiency upgrades


Energy and water expenses are a significant operating cost for entertainment facilities. To accommodate crowds for activities such as sporting events, social gatherings,  or performances, venues may have sprawling square footage, vaulted ceilings, and require bright lights—driving up heating, cooling, and electrical costs. Water consumption from heating, cooling, and operating restrooms also adds up throughout the year.  For entertainment venue owners struggling after a couple of challenging seasons, reducing operating costs may be a necessity.

Need a way to save? If you own a venue in Texas, the Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) program is a financing tool designed to help you reduce your energy and water expenses.

The C-PACE program provides you with access to low-cost financing for making energy and water efficiency improvements such as new HVAC systems, LED lighting, and water conservation elements. Longer terms make it possible to upgrade and realize savings every month.  The financing is tied to your facility, not you personally, and is paid through a special property assessment. Concerned you may sell before the loan is paid? No problem! The loan is transferable to a new owner if your entertainment facility is sold.

How do I sign up?

Lone Star PACE is a C-PACE administrator in Texas that has years of experience helping entertainment facility owners understand eligibility requirements and get access to affordable C-PACE financing. Lone Star PACE provides educational resources and assistance so you can own a more modern, efficient, and valuable building—and most importantly – save on energy and water expenses.

Contractors, lenders, and commercial property owners: Have you tried introducing C-PACE financing to your  clients and projects?

Contractors: There’s a way to make projects with entertainment venues BIGGER! Help your clients understand how modern equipment, insulation, and lighting can lead to savings every month and increase the value of their property. C-PACE gives your clients more budget and enables your business to earn extra profits.

Lenders: Entertainment facility owners may be searching for affordable capital to keep their businesses afloat.  C-PACE can offer a low-risk safety net and serves as a draw for new and existing clients. Educate your clients on the C-PACE program and help them save!

Commercial property developers: Are there entertainment facilities in need of an energy and water efficiency makeover? C-PACE financing is an affordable capital option that can help you retrofit aging facilities and make much-needed improvements that provide cleaner and greener buildings for the community.