Mixed use property owners maximize business potential with C-PACE


According to data from the Department of Energy, there are nearly 6 million commercial properties in the U.S., utilizing 97 billion square feet of floor space.  Collectively, this sector spends $190 billion on energy, creating an opportunity for businesses to improve efficiency and reduce costs around heating, cooling, lighting, and water. For mixed use property owners that may have shared infrastructure or equipment, there is an even bigger opportunity to save. Today’s consumers have high expectations and want to patronize modern public places with cleaner air quality, further justifying the need for improvements.

Despite the popularity of mixed use properties, recent economic hardships might make energy and water upgrades out of reach. How can you afford to improve efficiency if your revenue is down?

The Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) program makes it possible to finance energy and water improvements by offering longer terms to help reduce monthly payments and leave you cash-flow positive.  An added benefit is C-PACE financing is not a liability. Instead, the loan attaches to the property through a special property assessment that is transferable if and when your building is sold.

Small changes such upgrading conventional lighting to LED or adding water-saving measures have the potential to save you thousands of dollars. Don’t keep deferring much-needed maintenance. Make your improvements today!

Not sure where to begin? 

Lone Star PACE is an experienced C-PACE administrator in Texas that can guide you through the process, helping you to understand eligibility requirements for mixed use commercial properties.

The C-PACE program doesn’t just benefit property owners. Contractors, lenders, and commercial property developers have so much to gain!

Contractors: Working on a mixed use development? Increase client satisfaction by helping them choose modern energy and water equipment that will greatly reduce their monthly expenses. Expand the scope of your projects when clients spend more on sustainable equipment and increase your profits.

Lenders: Are your clients struggling to find a way to finance new projects? Help your current clients and generate new client business by educating people about C-PACE and their opportunity to reduce their monthly expenses.

Commercial property developers: Accelerate mixed use projects by leveraging the C-PACE program to add affordable financing to your capital stack. Build a building(s) that is both valuable and sustainable. Generate more economic opportunities and incite job growth in your community, leading to more projects for your business.

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